So, what do you do?

I am a freelance writer specializing in multi-platform content creation, blog writing and editing, virtual assistance, and social media management. Content creation is my fort√©, and I'll jump on any opportunity that combines my love for words and wellness in order to help others live their best lives. Listed below are a few of the companies and publications I've worked with/written for:

With Candor Wellness — nutrition consulting for the modern woman (current)
As a nutrition consultant and blogger, I publish monthly articles on women's health, PCOS, intuitive eating, and general wellness.
+ What I Learned About My Blood Sugar From Wearing a Continuous Glucose Monitor | April 2020
+ How to Prioritize Your Health In Pregnancy | January 2020
5 Reasons I'm Grateful for My PCOS Diagnosis | September 2019
What Is Cycle Syncing and Is It For Everyone? | August 2019
Why I Ditched the Birth Control Pill (And Think You Should, Too) | August 2019
+ How I Healed My PCOS and Got Pregnant Naturally, Part I & Part II | July 2019
Embracing Intuitive Eating Was the Best Thing I've Done For My Health | June 2019

Nicole Jardim (The Period Girl) — Certified Women’s Health and Functional Nutrition Coach with a specialty in hormonal and reproductive health (current)
As the Content Coordinator and Social Media Manager, I create and edit blog content, social media posts, promotional emails, and the weekly newsletter for The Period Girl Team. A few examples of my work:
+ Fix Your Periods | Daily Record | June 2020 
+ How Stress Affects Your Menstrual Cycle | October 2019
+ My Favorite Form of Birth Control | October 2019
+ The Best Time In Your Cycle to Test Progesterone | October 2019
+ Instagram: Stress & Your Hormones Series, Period Health Series, Period Literacy, The Fertility Awareness MethodYour Thyroid & Fertility, PCOS Series, Racial Disparity in HealthcarePOC: Your Rest is a Revolution

Fitt — your local guide to health and fitness
As a Contributing Reporter, I produced content for the newly developed Fitt App and wrote/edited posts for the website.
+ Introducing Rebel Cheese, Austin's First Fully Vegan Wine and Cheese Shop | May 2019
+ Vegan Cinnamon Roll Chain Cinnaholic is Bringing its Plant-Based Treats to Houston this Spring | May 2019
+ The Most Exciting New Workout Spots and Healthy Restaurants Opening in Houston | January 2019
+ Where to Ride: All the Best Bike Trails and Paths in Dallas | October 2018
+ Every Camping Spot Near Dallas You Need to Visit | October 2018
+ Acai, Poke, Grain, & More: The Healthiest Bowls Dallas Has to Offer | September 2018

Wordsmithie — a hand-picked consortium of talented wordsmiths and designers who support a wide range of clients and content needs
As Social Media Manager, I published original posts for Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter and tracked follower engagement across social media channels. I also contributed quarterly blog posts.
+ "What's New In Social Media—And What It Means for Your Business" | May 2019
+ "Tips for Working With a Creative Agency" | January 2019
+ "The Difference Between Ad Hoc and Traditional Comm Strategies (And Why Your Company Needs Both)" | October 2018

Broadside — a feminist publication that seeks to provide a space in which individuals and communities can find balance at the intersection of voice and lived experience
+ "Choose Strength" | Volume IV, Quarter I | March 2019

Liguorian Magazine — a Catholic magazine that strives to spread the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ
Faith Hits Home, a monthly column | January 2017 - December 2018

Her Story Goes — a sacred space for women of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds to come together in conversation about what it truly means to be a woman
I served as Co-founder and Editor from 2016-2018 and wrote more than 40 original posts. Here are a few of my favorites:
+ "15 Spooktacular Flicks to Stream this October" | October 2017
+ "Feminism Isn't a Dirty Word—But You Could've Fooled Me" | May 2017
+ "Love Is a Battlefield: A Three-Part Series" | February 2017
+ "When Abortion Becomes the Obvious Choice" | June 2016
+ "Life After My (Failed) Whole30: What I Learned" | June 2016

Windrose Magazine — words for the wanderer
"Starting from Scratch" | Issue No. 1 | September 2017

Weddings In Houston Magazine — top wedding planning website and award-winning regional magazine for brides and grooms in the Houston area
I served as the Content Coordinator from 2015-2016, during which I managed clients' social media marketing packages, processed weekly newsletters, and wrote articles for the blog and magazine. A few select stories from the January 2016 Issue:
+ "Real Wedding: Kelsey and Jeffrey"

Insights for the Young Catholic Woman — a place for Catholic, feminine insight
+ "Sorry I'm Not Sorry" | Vol. II | June 2014

That First Year — creating community through stories shared of that first year after college and beyond
"On Finding Your Calling" | June 2014

Photo by Beckley.