Liguorian Magazine | I write a monthly column called Faith Hits Home.

Weddings in Houston Magazine | Selected stories from the January & July 2016 Issues:

Lifestyle Blogs

I am the co-founder and a contributing writer of Her Story Goes, a lifestyle blog for women. I write 1-2 posts per week. A few examples:

My guest posts for That First Year, a blog offering tidbits & tales to help along the transition-heavy path of life after college.

  • "On Finding Your Calling" (June 2015): What could be more human than wanting to find a sense of purpose? We all want to make some sort of tangible mark on this crazy, chaotic world. It’s finally becoming clear to me, though, my error in thinking, and I dare say, this generation’s greatest mistake. Of believing, even for one second, that our purpose in life—our very identity—is wrapped up in the job title.
  • "Finding Answers in Rome" (March 2016): On a warm July evening in Rome, after a long day on foot, my best friend and I shared dinner and dessert in one of the quieter corners of the city. Outside of the Italian cafe, at a little two-person table, we rehashed once again all of our wonders, fears and hopes for the years ahead while strangers filtered through unnoticed. Three hours into our conversation, in between sips of my lukewarm cappuccino, I blithely expressed a simple yet powerful intention that would ultimately change the course of my life: "I'm going to marry that boy." (Originally published here.)

One of my blog posts was featured in The Young Catholic Woman, a place of feminine insight into the joy, companionship, frustration, heartache, and autonomy on this beautiful journey to Calvary.

  • "Sorry I'm Not Sorry" (January 2015): Some people have an inexplicable tendency to lie. Over and over again, for whatever reason, they feel the need to make up stories or throw out false statements as if they're universal truths. It's a strange and messy habit, but for a select few, the struggle is real. For me, an addiction of a different nature exists. I am a compulsive apologizer. And I've known it for years. I rely on one simple phrase to get me through the day: I'm sorry. (Originally published here.)


Insights for The Young Catholic Woman, Vol. 11 | "Sorry I'm Not Sorry" was re-published in Carolyn Shields' book in July 2015.

Forty Acres of Fun | While earning my Bachelor's in English and Journalism at the University of Texas, my story on Austin's famous mural was chosen for publication in a book about the history of Austin and the UT campus (March 2012).

PR & Social Media

I used to work in the world of marketing and public relations. Below is just a small sampling of my social media & copywriting skills.

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