I'm Emily Blasik, a twenty-five year old wife, writer, and self-proclaimed wanderer. But really, I'm just a girl who enjoys the simple things in life. Namely, peanut butter desserts and over-sized sweaters.

I read a little bit of everything, photograph as much as my friends will allow, and blog about life as I know it. The Lord is my strength, and my faith in Him is what gets me through each day. Strong coffee helps, too.

Born in South Louisiana and raised in East Texas, I returned home to Houston after graduating from UT at Austin in 2013. My beloved and I were married in 2015 and moved to Dallas a year later so that he could pursue a career in IT. We are a couple of homebodies who, on any given night, would prefer to stay in, cook crawfish étouffée, and watch a superhero movie rather than go out on the town. But that's just how we roll.

Around the time I entered high school, I developed an incurable case of the travel bug—which only got worse when I studied abroad one summer during college. Ever since, my dream has been to become a photo-taking, journal-writing, coffee-drinking globe-trotter. Oh, and to own a bookstore. (Preferably somewhere in England.) 

I collect snow globes and will forever be a supporter of the Oxford Comma.

Welcome to my little corner of the internet. I started this blog on a whim in 2009 to document my everyday adventures, thoughts, and inspirations. If you're new to With Candor, feel free to check out these posts first: the beginning of my blog journey, learning to let go, falling in love for the first time, and a lesson in turning 23. Thanks for stopping by!

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