Currently, I am...

Drinking: cold brew with cinnamon almond milk cold foam. Just made a Starbucks run.

Loving: a few things! Cooler weather in mid-September. Beautycounter's Ultra Renewal Eye Cream (it's keeping me young). Jude's goofy smile. Marcel Market, a french bizarre in Bishop Arts District (where I got my green skirt above). And wearing my first CGM in six months.

Reading: Meg & Jo by Virginia Kantra. Just started! I read Little Women earlier in the year and loved it, so I'm happy to be revisiting the two eldest March sisters.

Stressing over: this seems to always be packing, but alas, packing. Scott and I are headed to Vail for our 5-year anniversary soon, and while I'm a little nervous to get on a plane in the era of Covid, I'm also excited to have a few days off of work/school/parenting. Ha. Although, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't going to miss Jude like crazy! I've never been away from him for more than a few hours, so this will be interesting.

Thankful for: good health and family that lives nearby.

Watching: a lot of science-y things. I just finished the first season of [Un]well, a docuseries about wellness trends, and am currently watching Babies. Scott and I also just wrapped up Black Mirror, a sci-fi anthology series. All on Netflix!

Learning: how to order and interpret lab tests for my nutrition clients. I'm a student again! But only for 12 weeks. Exciting things coming to With Candor Wellness, so stay tuned for more on that.

And French! I've been listening to the podcast Coffee Break French every morning while I get ready and practicing my vocabulary throughout the day. I've always wanted to learn, so hopefully it sticks this time.

And a little bonus fun fact: October is two weeks away. Jude's first October/Halloween! This is HUGE. Let the Halloween movie marathon + education begin!

Any guesses as to what we'll be dressing up as this year?