I've finally found it.

The perfect planner exists, y'all, and I've got the pics to prove it.

But first, let me just say: Nothing motivates, relaxes, grounds, and excites me more than a well-worn and scribbled-in notebook. You too? Then pay attention.

Because as far as I'm concerned, Silk + Sonder's monthly journals take the (flourless chocolate) CAKE for being the most creative and inspiring way to plan.

And I'mma show you why with a little virtual tour, right after I explain how it works. Because it's definitely not just your average, run-of-the-mill planner!

How Silk + Sonder Works

S+S is a subscription-based set of wellness planners that include a variety of layouts inspired by positive psychology, bullet journaling, and self-help books. Each month has a specific theme (March's was knowledge) with prompts, quotes, and thought exercises centered on that theme.

You pay $19.95 for a monthly subscription or $160 yearly, with a new planner arriving on your doorstep each month. There are also gift options, too! (I personally think S+S would make an excellent gift idea for the mindful creative in your life.)

Why Monthly Is Better

What's nice about using a monthly planner (rather than a yearly one) is:
1. You'll never run out of space.
2. You can start fresh every month with a clean slate, which means no more cases of planner fatigue (or abandoning it halfway through).
3. Have commitment issues? You can cancel your subscription anytime, risk-free!

Now that the basics are out of the way, let's dive in!

Monthly Reflection + Intentions

Each journal starts with a review of the previous month, which I find so helpful for mind-dumping. I am the type of person that is obsessed with fresh starts, and in my haste to begin anew, I typically file away the old without much thought. This section really forces me to wrestle with the revelations of the last 30 days—what worked, what didn't, what I accomplished, etc. Even if it sucked, this is closure!

It also paves the way for setting clearer intentions for the following month. I like that S+S breaks up the intention-setting space into separate compartments for every aspect of life, because BALANCE.

Mood + Habit Tracker

I've never used a mood or habit tracker before now, and I can't tell you why. 'Tis brill. Life flies by so quickly that it's sometimes difficult to notice a pattern in our mental state—but now, the proof is on the page. By tracking my moods, I'm able to check in with myself each day, just for a second, and be honest about how I'm feeling.

If you're habit-driven, the habit tracker might be more your speed. On top of the mental reward I get from knowing I actually completed the thing(s) I hoped to, checking (or in this case, coloring in) the box for each good habit is incredibly satisfying.

Weekly To-Dos

Each Sunday night, I like to sit down with a cup of tea and plan out my week. Most planners have monthly and daily outlines, but I love that S+S includes a weekly view as well!

There's room for to-dos (where I list my household chores for the week and any other one-off errands I need to run), major goals (this is usually work-related), another activity tracker, meal planning or logging, shopping list (groceries, supplements, or general necessities), a health plan (my workouts go here), and a mini reflection to finish it off.

I refer back to this section multiple times throughout the week to remind myself of my most pressing tasks and important to-dos.

Daily To-Dos

The layout of the daily pages is self-explanatory, starting with "one thing" at the top—a space I use for the one non-negotiable thing I need to get done that day. Most of the time, it's a deadline for work.

The rest is completely dependent on personal preference, but I like to plan my days chronologically. Coloring in the spaces (red for work, pink for downtime/family, blue for breastfeeding, green for spiritual stuff, etc.) helps me to see where I'm spending most of my time. (I wish I was more diligent in my color coding, but as you can see, this always falls by the wayside for me!)

Notes / Bullet Journal

I don't know how to "bullet journal," so for me, these pages allowed for whatever—like a food journal and brainstorming my mission statement.

If you're a doodler or artist, here's your chance to go to town with your creativity.

Coloring Page + Inspirational Quote

I mean, how cool is it that there's a COLORING PAGE?! Even though I didn't come close to finishing, I really enjoyed the catharsis of taking a break from work to color in a couple sections at a time. (Plus, I finally had reason to whip out my box of mini markers for the first time in years.)


In the middle of the planner, there's a space for filling in random details of your month, like what you're currently loving, reading, enjoying, feeling, wishing, etc. I found this exercise super fun—I typically do this sort of thing here on the blog—and handy for the future, especially when I go to write my 2020 year in review at the end of the year.


As a foodie, stumbling upon a couple healthy recipes was really the cherry on top of this whole shebang. Meal planning made easy!

Meet Your New Favorite Quaran-tool

That's just an itty bitty sneak peek into my most-used pages for March, but to be honest, this review doesn't quite do the planner justice...

In the interest of time, and because I hadn't gotten around to completing them when I took these pictures mid-March, I left out most the creative sections (like the Learning Log, Knowledge Prompts, and Curiosity Exercise). I'm not a huge pen-to-paper journal-er, but if you are, these will most likely be your favorite part!

There's also a Monthly Expense Tracker, which is very nifty.

>>> If you like what you see, and are interested in giving Silk + Sonder a try, feel free to use the code WITHCANDORWELLNESS for 10% off your first month.

As bleak as everything has been lately with the world in full-on social distancing mode, one thing that's made a huge difference in my state of mind through all this is actually taking a moment to myself to plan out my days. (Necessary despite our current self-isolation situation.) Setting intentions for my time has always helped me stay grounded, and I find I need that now more than ever.

That said, for those of you looking to keep your plans, lists, reflections, doodles, and expenses all in one pretty place—S+S is your solution.