The rumors are true: Santorini really is the most romantic place in the world—at least, that I've visited so far. Scott and I were incredibly lucky to be able to make it to this Greek island for our babymoon, as it was the perfect getaway for two. We stayed for a total of four nights in Oia, a coastal town on the northwestern tip that is famous for the whitewashed houses and lovely blue domes you'll see in a lot of our pictures.

At 12 weeks pregnant, I was feeling a bit nauseous most mornings (probably because my digestion system simply refused to work in the first trimester), but the queasy feeling usually dissipated by lunch. The constant walking helped, as did the coastal breezes and super fresh food (I seriously ate all the salads I could stomach).

^^^ The view from Dimitris Ammoudi Taverna. ^^^

There were only two things on our must-do list: the 6.5-mile hike from Oia to Fira and a volcano catamaran tour. As much as we love to hike, we definitely underestimated how big the island is—or maybe how out of shape we were—because we we were only able to make it about halfway to Fira (which is in the middle of the island). The fact that I really had to pee by the third mile didn't help, but I also blame the steep incline: Three miles in Santorini feels like 13 because of all the stairs/hills/rocks to traverse. However, what we did manage to do was well worth it for the scenery; we probably stopped fifty times just to take in the incredible surroundings (and catch our breath).

The boat tour topped off our final evening in Santorini, and I'm so glad we saved this activity for last. Included in the 5-hour cruise was a mini history lesson of the island, all-you-can-drink wine and beer (which was nice for Scotty), a huge homemade surf-and-turf dinner cooked by the captain's wife, an opportunity to swim in the natural "hot" springs (which were still way too cold for me), and a front seat to the most majestic orange sunset I've ever seen. Within the first hour on the catamaran, we understood why everyone and their mother recommends the boat tour!

The in-between moments of our stay were filled with leisurely walks through the town, window shopping along the way, sun bathing on our patio (which conveniently overlooked the Aegean), and short soaks in our private hot tub. Also worth a mention is the mysterious black cat that greeted us at our front door every morning, whom Scott insisted on calling Sanderson. (Bet you can guess why.) What more could a couple of newlyweds (ha!) want?

Even though there wasn't much not to love about Santorini, there were some things we weren't necessarily prepared for. For example, we didn't expect:

+ the weather to be quite so chilly in early May (Scott didn't mind, but for someone who is constantly cold, I definitely should have packed more cardigans for the evenings)
+ crowds upon crowds (even in the off-season, apparently)!
+ jacuzzis that are lukewarm, not hot (which is probably a good thing, given my condition, because I would have hated to miss out on real hot tub)
+ reckless drivers everywhere (rent a car or Vespa at your own risk)

And just for good measure, things we absolutely loved:

+ our cozy cave house via Airbnb (speaking of which, want a discount?)
+ the out-of-this-world views
+ the delicious seafood (our favorite restaurant was Dimitris Ammoudi Taverna), baklava from Skiza Café, and the Greek coffee (make sure to try the Freddo Espresso!)
+ the glorious sunsets that could be enjoyed right from our patio
+ the cleanliness of the island (everything was pristine, with the exception of fresh donkey doodoo on certain paths)
+ the unique photo ops and romantic atmosphere
+ the hilly terrain (every walk was a workout)!

If you ever get the chance to travel to Santorini, take it! You probably won't ever see anything like it again in your lifetime. Even if we never travel back to Greece, we can rest happy knowing we got to see this beautiful island at least once!