Currently, I am...

Drinking: bamboo mint tea out of the Anthropologie "e" mug that Mar gave me.

Loving: my monogrammed red onesie (gifted by my brother) for these cold winter nights. So cozy!

Reading: Sweetbitter by Stephanie Danler. It lacks plot but is still captivating.

Stressing over: the fact that I signed up for a 5:30am barre class tomorrow and I'm not yet sleeping. Taking bets on if I actually get up and go.

Thankful for: the goofballs in the photo above. Our first reunion of the year happened last weekend, and I'm already missing them like crazy. One day we'll all be neighbors.

Listening to: (and halfway ignoring) Trump's State of the Union. 

Learning: to say no when necessary, and to make each "yes" count; to be genuinely, authentically me, for better or worse.

And a little bonus fun fact: I finally took the Enneagram test everyone's been talking about and got type 9, the Peacemaker. Go figure.

How's your Tuesday evening going?