Dear Husband,

You were 25-years-young when I fell in love with you. Barely a man, and yet the hunkiest of men I'd ever met. In case you were wondering, it was love at first sight for this girl.

Now you're thirty and hunkier than ever. (You know what they say about fine wines...? Yeah, dat's you.) After five years spent by your side, I still continue to fall deeper in love with you every day—and while I'm very much enjoying this lovely little honeymoon phase of life we're currently in, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited to see who you become at age 35, 40, and 45. Hopefully by then, you'll have added "father" to your resumé, because imagining you as a dad makes my heart turn to mush. You'd sure make an amazing dad.

But for now, I'm damn lucky to have the hubby/best friend/travel companion of my dreams. Adventuring with you never gets old, and neither do the ordinary everyday things that mostly make up our marriage. In fact, it's the simple moments at home that I like best. But whether we're admiring the view from the top of Angel's Landing or watching House of Cards from our couch, you're the reason my life is so sweet.

Here's to reaching yet another milestone together.

Your Wife