Scott and I flew up to Charlotte, North Carolina on Thursday for a mini vacay to see our very good friend, Elizabeth. Neither of us had ever been to NC before, and I was thrilled that our first time to visit was smack-dab in the middle of fall. Look at those crimson leaves!

Lizzy and Sheldon were the most gracious hosts, treating us to several mind-blowing meals from Charlotte's best restaurants, a tour of their insane Red Ventures office, the best beer Scott's ever tasted + a my first (homemade) Moscow Mule, a gorgeous hike through Crowders Mountain State Park, and a full weekend of great conversation. Lizzy and Scott go way back, and since she's someone we only get to see maybe twice a year (if we're lucky), catching up is always a blast. Especially over a café crème and chocolate eclair from Amélie's French Bakery.

The entire time we were there, the temperature didn't rise above 60 degrees—which meant lots of outdoor exploring for these elated Texans. The walk from Lizzy's apartment to downtown was only a mile or so, and all the while, we were amazed by how clean the city is. Seriously pristine! I told Scott on our last little stroll through the neighborhood that I could definitely see us living in Charlotte one day, if the opportunity ever presented itself. He didn't really say anything, but I'm pretty sure the pep in his step all weekend was a good sign he'd at least consider it. If only for Owen's Bagels. ;-)