Seven months ago, my life changed in a major, major way. I got married, moved into my husband's apartment, and started working a new job—all within a few weeks.

Since then, everything has felt like a turning point, as I've endeavored to find the balance between working, being married, maintaining somewhat of a social life, and living as well (read: healthfully) as I can. A maze of small challenges and accomplishments make up a solid routine, each blessed day unfolding into another.

And it's all been so wonderful.

But this life is a curious thing, and just when you finally start to feel halfway settled, it begins to shift again. As if to say, don't get too comfortable.

And sometimes, your priorities will shift with it. You begin to realize what's most important to you, and what—after all these years of desperately trying to figure it out—you truly want. And if you're lucky, you have a family (in my case, a husband) who believes in you enough to say, "Go for it, girl." Even if it's a risk. Hell, even if it makes absolutely no sense.

Because life is a journey, and it's the only one we get. At 24 years old, I'm not quite ready to settle in, or to get comfortable just yet. What is that popular saying, the one about reaching a destination being only half the fun of getting there? Something along those lines.

Our lives are changing once again, slowly but surely. And just like last time, I'm welcoming it. Because what else do you do when you're along for the ride? You lean into the turn, take every moment as it comes, and let yourself get lost.

All photos taken on my iphone of a recent family trip to Panama City Beach, Florida.