The hubster generously gifted me with this beauty for my birthday, and ever since, I've been dying to spend a whole day snapping photos of something other than my neighborhood. So when Scott recommended we spend our free Saturday at Ren Fest last weekend, I knew it'd be the perfect opportunity to try out my newest prized possession.

Well, as expected, the camera is perfect in so many ways: it's lightweight and easy to maneuver without compromising on photo quality—exactly what I was hoping for! My camera skills, however, are a bit rusty these days. It saddens me to admit that I don't shoot nearly as much as I used to, and when I do bother to pick up a camera (instead of my handy dandy iPhone), the Auto setting is my best friend. Oh, the shame! My college self would be extremely disappointed in my current lack of ambition. I'm hoping that this new trinket of mine will boost my desire to practice, practice, practice.

But, Ren Fest. First of all, I don't know why I don't make it a point to go every year. When we do go, it's always a blast! Flame jugglers, jousting knights, mulled wine, the most creative medieval costumes you've ever seen... Honestly, what's not to love? But I will say, this time, the highlight of my day was running into THE Sanderson Sisters. (If you don't know of those I speak, you don't deserve to know. Okay, just kidding.) If you know me at all, you're probably aware of my longtime obsession with the movie Hocus Pocus—so as you can imagine, I was completely beside myself. Scott had to quite literally shove me towards them, I was so nervous, in order to take a photo. But we got it, thank heavens, a portrait of me and three of the coolest 17th century witches around!

...I may have even pulled Winnie aside to ask her if they'd be interested in adding a fourth witch to Hocus Pocus the Sequel (#shameless). She said she'd call me.