I can't tell you how long I've wanted to visit the East Coast. So when my best friend and her sweet mama asked my mother and me to go on a girls' trip to Charleston, we jumped at the chance. For three days, the four of us toured the city on foot. All of the historic houses were exquisite, and we were lucky enough to stay in one of our own.

While there, I ate my weight in shrimp and grits. I took a photo with a pineapple fountain, and another on Rainbow Row. After unsuccessfully trying to convince the group to join me on a ghost tour, we drank wine on our 19th century porch instead. Saw the inside of an antebellum era plantation home. Got rained on twice, the first time taking cover in a spirit distillery; the second, under a canopy of giant oak trees draped with Spanish moss. We window shopped the finest stores on King Street, and stopped for coffee every other hour.

Never have I seen so many dessert and coffee shops in one place before. Two or three on every block! That alone made Charleston my picture of perfection.