saints and sinners

Everyone knows that New Orleans is the place to go to have fun. Jazz bands, cheap alcohol, voodoo shops, Mardi Gras beads, and the best damn food you'll ever eat: what more could you possibly want for a wild weekend away? Jason and I took to the road on Saturday to meet up with our oldest brother and his friends for 24 hours of partying in honor of Lance's Golden Birthday (31 on the 31st). I've only been to New Orleans once before (pretty shameful for a native Cajun), and I was too young to really remember the town's unique culture and Southern charm. So this time around, I couldn't wait to take in as much as I could of the city.

As soon as we checked into our hotel, we were ready to hit the ground running. With a beer in our hands and very little food in our stomachs, we started off on a tour through the French Quarter and St. Louis Cemetery. The sun shone bright off of the colorful little cottages, the whole scene straight out of a storybook painting. In the span of a few hours, we attended mass in one of the gorgeous churches, downed Irish Car Bombs in a cozy pub, and got our fill of Creole cuisine at a hole-in-the-wall lobster house. After the sun went down, we all bonded over a few drinks in the "members only" Foundation Room—where Jason and I felt so VIP—and then made our way down Bourbon for the real N'awlins experience. At some point during the evening, I may or may not have participated in a sidewalk tarot card reading by a "real" psychic (#17 on my bucket list). It looks like good times to come for this gal. ;)

The next morning concluded our very brief but exhilarating trip. Before heading back to Texas, Jason and I enjoyed a lovely brunch with the crew at Mr. B's, complete with mimosas and a live jazz band performance. It was a heck of a time, and I'm sure glad I got to spend it with two of my favorite guys. Here's to you, Lancey Pancey! May your 31st be the best year yet!