Introducing, for the first time ever, my own little corner of Houston! 

Having spent the past month "settling in" and adding decorative touches to my new place, I thought it was about time I show it off! It's a small apartment, to be sure, but I think it suits me quite well. I especially love the amazing view of the city right through my living room window, as seen from the gated patio. If you're ever in the neighborhood, don't hesitate to give me ring... There's nothing I love more than catching up with old friends over a warm cup of tea. Or, you know, espresso. ;)

P.S. I definitely had a whole lot of hands moving, organizing, and personalizing my apartment. To call 'em out, my aunt and uncle, best friend, boyfriend, and of course, my sweet mama are all to thank for helping me transform this small space into the cozy home that I adore. Couldn't have done it without them!

|| 1. "vanilla" couch & black table set from Ashley Furniture ||
|| 2. entertainment center from Target || 
|| 3. wall art from Ross || 4. rug from Marshall's ||