I was uploading the photos from my grandparents' 60th anniversary party last night when I happened upon these special gems taken at the beginning of the summer. One weekend back in June, Scott surprised me with a little last-minute road-trip to Kemah—such a romantic, that one—but it wasn't until we arrived that we realized what kind of weather we were in for. Sadly, it rained the entire afternoon, and we were forced to take cover in the retail stores near the boardwalk. We spent an unnecessary amount of time in the candy shop (because why not?) waiting for the clouds to clear and stocking up on a variety of gummy bears (Scott's favorite). When the sun finally started to come out again, we braved the lingering storm to walk along the waterfront hand-in-hand. As one might expect on such a day, the park was pretty secluded. And there we were, just the two of us, laughing and reminiscing under an umbrella, happy in love and grateful for our newfound time with one another. Even though we didn't have the best luck with the weather, it was still one of those sweet occasions that I'll always remember when I think back to our first summer together in Houston.