Aaaand we're back! To keep the weekly tradition going, here's what I ate last Monday. (I know, I know, I'm running behind... Might have to turn this into a bi-weekly thing.)
Breakfast || Vega One protein smoothie with spinach, banana, strawberries, puréed pumpkin, & unsweetened almond milk. Coffee with coconut milk creamer (not pictured). If you've not yet tried Vega One's nutritional shake, I highly recommend that you do. It's packed full of good nutrients (think super greens, probiotics, and omega-3s), but I honestly just love it because of the delicious taste! My favorite flavors are Vanilla Chai and Berry, but my dad prefers old-fashioned Chocolate. Add frozen fruit and your choice of milk/milk substitute, blend all together, and you've got yourself a protein-packed milkshake, perfect for a post-workout snack or meal. 

Lunch || Chipotle salad with barbacoa, grilled veggies, black beans, corn, spicy salsa, lettuce, & guacamole. I was never a huge fan of Chipotle in college (even though there was one right across the street from campus and another located near my office building), but nowadays, I find myself craving the Mexican fast food at least once a week. What's funny is that I've never even ordered a burrito! I'm afraid if I do, I'll never go back.
Snack(s) || chai tea latte (tea bag steeped in hot soy milk) + 85% dark chocolate. My sweet tooth's idea of an afternoon pick-me-up.
Dinner || bacon-wrapped chicken kabob + steamed veggies + small sweet potato. Hard pumpkin cider to wash it down. Monday nights are usually when family comes together, and last week we had quite the crowd. My talented mom whipped up a big, healthy meal for seven of us (cousins, siblings, and significant others included) in no time. She also surprised me with this fun seasonal beverage to sip on while everyone else enjoyed a cold beer before dinner. Living at home definitely has its perks.
Dessert || a slice of grain-free, dairy-free chocolate pudding pie. At first taste, I wasn't a fan of this recipe, mostly because the pudding had this weird, goopy consistency (which I now realize was because of the arrowroot flour—omit it if you plan to make!). After sitting in the freezer for a few hours, though, the texture was much more appealing. It kind of reminded me of one of those frozen ice cream pies we used to buy at the store. Not bad, but not the best paleo dessert I've ever made. (However, this didn't keep me from finishing it off over the course of the next week. I just can't say no to dessert.) You win some, you lose some, I guess. 

Any new recipes you've tried recently? I'm always up for recommendations!