It's the first day of autumn, y'all! And every first day of autumn, I write a blog post. Because even though Texas still thinks it's July, this day represents a holy sign for all of us fall-loving Texans that the end (of summer) is near.

...Maybe. Hopefully. Well, it could go either way.

Still, I always look forward to this day. It's a small-yet-glorious glimmer of hope amidst the city's strangling humidity, blaring sun, and warm winds that continue to haunt us all the way into mid-September...while lucky northerners sip on their Pumpkin Spice Lattes and frolic outdoors in over-sized sweaters and knee-high boots, taking enviable Instagram photos like this one. (I'm not bitter at all.)

Autumn is my favorite season, for obvious reasons. Although I reside in muggy Houston and usually have to pretend it's cold outside until the end of November, my Thomas Kinkade Disney Calendar says it's fall—and so fall it must be. That said, bring on the Pumpkin Spice Lattes.

P.S. An enlightening article from National Geographic on the 2014 autumnal equinox (because there's no shame in being a nerd). Plus, a more nutritious way to enjoy your favorite fall beverage.