Scorpio: This week you can find your power, you can find your center, you can find your balance again in this weird shaky world. Walk through the streets of your city and watch all the life all around you, watch the buildings and the faces and the trees and the concrete. You can be strong enough to get so wild. Listen to the songs that remind you of the rhythm of your own body. Listen to the songs that remind you of your bright voice. Listen to the songs that remind you what your own best confidence feels like.

I stumbled across a link to this "fauxstrology" prediction on a friend's blog yesterday, and I couldn't help but humor myself. It's two weeks old and hardly telling, but I'll take it as a good omen anyway. At least, you know, what it says about finding my center and all of that. The last few weeks have been one thing after another, pulling me in so many different directions. With a growing number of new endeavors to tackle, plans to make, and people to see, it's been difficult for me to take any time for myself. My photos from Europe are collecting dust in a digital folder on my laptop while my stories and thoughts from abroad are losing momentum. By the time I write them down, I expect the memories will be as foggy as an autumn morning in London. Welcome to adulthood, no?

But despite the constant rush of things, I don't mind the current state of my life. I don't mind the tackling and planning, the coming and going, the doing and seeing of a long day—because it must be a sign that I'm really living. Nothing particularly extraordinary goes on here, but my life is full. Full of family I love and friends I need and work I'm good at. I hanker after alone time more than most people my age, but I'm finding that the time I spend with others is worth quite a bit more. Even if blogging and editing photos and reading novels falls to the wayside. Even it it leaves me feeling somewhat out of sync. For the first time since my last semester of college, I'm climbing into bed each night exhausted from the day and looking forward to the next. I think there's something to be said about that.

Sometimes living fully and freely means losing your balance, if only for a short time, before everything falls back into place again.

Photo taken in Interlaken, Switzerland.