After 30 days of nonstop travel, it feels so good to be home in my own little corner of the universe. Scott and I arrived in Houston at about 9pm on Sunday completely jet-lagged (it was technically 4am for us) and ready to hit the hay from a very long day spent on airplanes and in airports. I felt the urge to blog about all of my European adventures as soon as my feet touched American soil (it was killer not being able to post my entire month abroad), but Scott convinced me to take my time with it. I did visit twelve amazing cities, after all, and each city deserves its own shiny post—which I can't wait to begin putting together!

In the meantime, though, I have about a thousand photos to sort through and edit, family and friends to catch up with, my first adult apartment to find, and a full-time job that begins on Monday. Life is only speeding up now that I'm back, but being away from it all has made me eager to jump right into this new chapter. I'll try my best to make blogging a priority during the next few weeks—as it has always been a fun way for me to de-stress, and there's nothing I love writing about more than far away places.

First travel post out of the bag? London, a personal favorite. Stay tuned!

Photo taken by Kristen in Prague.