My family has changed tremendously over the years. Plenty of new additions, several sad losses, and the inevitability of growing older has made us look completely different than we did ten years ago. But then again, much has stayed the same. This is a blessing. My grandparents are still the hub of every reunion, my cousins the life of every party. Every get-together is a celebration of sorts. Summer vacations, holidays, weddings, and even lazy weekends spent in the Cajun Country have come to be some of my most cherished memories. Growing up surrounded by loved ones made for a particularly joyful childhood; I was spoiled, to say the least. (I'd like to think we all were). Our separate worlds are changing faster now, and sadly, I'm starting to see my relatives less and less. Such is life. But no matter the highs, lows, and in-betweens of a future in the making, the love of a family remains constant.

Photos taken last weekend at my cousin Valerie's wedding.