Because I'm in a California kind of mood and I miss the guy on the right.

Do you ever go about your day fully aware that you're in the mood for a certain type of weather? Tired days pair well with rain. Or company, perhaps? When I need to vent, I know who to call. When I'm feeling social and fun, on the other hand, another friend comes to mind. Food choice is also a common thing determined by mood. Every day around noon, I hear one of my coworkers ask her buddy what's she's "in the mood for." Of course, anyone would immediately realize that she's wondering what to grab for lunch... whether it be pasta, sushi, or a hamburger. You get the picture. With so many options out there, moods can be pretty darn helpful.

Quite often, in a similar way, I crave places. A quiet bookstore in Oxford on a cold and windy morning. Amidst the calm waves of Orange Beach in the early afternoon heat. Off the side of a cliff in Monarch, overlooking a springtime evening sunset. The famous City of Lights at midnight. Each day, I'm in the mood for a different place. Some of them, I've never even been before. Today, for whatever reason, I craved the crowded loneliness of Los Angeles at dawn.