1 :: Today marks the first day of spring! All I can say is, FI-NA-LLY. The sun has been sorely missed, and I'm officially sick of cloudy weather. (Also, did you know it's the International Day of Happiness? So make sure to celebrate by doing something that makes you happy!)

2 :: I have had the same recurring dream since I was fifteen: I'm backstage of my high school theater, in the middle of a production. Full costume, hair, and makeup. The real deal. I can hear my fellow cast members make it halfway through a funny scene, followed by the laughter of a giant crowd. I feel those familiar nerves start to make their way from my toes and fingertips into the pit of my stomach, and the rush of adrenaline comes on fast as it dawns on me that my cue's approaching. Actors and techies alike rush by me to get to their places, but all I can do is stand there. It's then that I have the most terrifying realization: I've never rehearsed this play. I don't know my lines, I don't even know my character's name. Faced with a crippling dread of failure, I prepare myself for the worse. But I never make it to the stage before the dream ends. A dream decoder might argue that it symbolizes intense stress or worry in a specific area of my life. But I'm willing to bet it's simply a psychological remnant of my theatre days, an ingrained fear of unpreparedness that my subconscious can't seem to shake. Eight years of stage acting will do that to a girl.

3 :: Sometimes, all it takes to turn an ordinary day extraordinary is a bit of red lipstick. Or great dinner conversation. An Italian accent. Expensive wine helps, too. Joy can be found in the most ordinary of moments.