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Saturday morning musings.

Currently, I am...

Drinking: coffee coffee coffee.

Loving: the fact that it's Saturday. And I'm drinking coffee.

Reading: Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. Finally got around to this one! SO good, you guys. So good.

Stressing over: packing for a 10-day trip that I'm leaving for in less than a week. I hate packing, y'all. It completely stresses me out. I'm always afraid I'm going to forget something important, like a certain pair of shoes or the right undergarments or my cell phone charger. To avoid unpreparedness, I normally attempt to stuff my entire closet into my suitcase... And end up forgetting stuff anyway because I wait until the last minute to do so. (Procrastinator problems.) Well, not this time. This time, I'm starting early. A whole five days early, to be exact.

Thankful for: the previously mentioned 10-day trip to visit the boyfriend, who I haven't seen in more than a month! I. Can't. Wait. 

Listening to: the sound of my fingers hitting the keyboard. I'm sort of reveling in the quiet these days.

Learning: how to live with my parents in a teeny apartment without driving each other hog-wild crazy. Some days, it's great. And then there are the days we're completely dysfunctional. (Only kidding, Mom.)

And a little bonus fun fact: I'm looking forward to seeing the new movie Winter's Tale in theaters next week. It looks like the perfect Valentine's Day movie: romantic, adventurous, beautiful. I'm such a sucker for those kinds of films.

Happy Saturday, folks!


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Hi, I'm Emily! I'm a 27-year-old writer, whole foodie, and wannabe world traveler currently residing in Dallas, TX. Welcome to my little corner of the internet, where I chronicle my everyday adventures, both at home and abroad. Stay awhile!