One, two, three.

1 || I have a ridiculous sweet tooth. As in, I'm never not in the mood for dessert. My biggest weakness is chocolate, of the dark variety. And I love the simplicity of a good s'more. I'm also addicted to coffee (but don't tell my boyfriend that). Not the caffeine in coffee, but the very ritual of coffee. Every morning, a cup of Joe warm in my hands. Add cream, hold the sugar. (I love my sweets, but coffee is not one of them. Coffee with dessert, however? Perfection.) On most afternoons, around 3pm, I crave a cappuccino rich with foam. A splash of soy milk complements the rich bitterness of the espresso. But give me strong espresso.

2 || In another life, I'd want to be either a ballerina or a cultural anthropologist. Two completely different professions, both utterly inspiring. I danced for 8 years when I was younger, but I didn't have the discipline to keep it up through high school. Still to this day, there's nothing quite so beautiful to me as a girl who can move to music with perfect grace. I took two anthropology courses in college, both of which I either loved or hated, depending on the day. The study of mankind is like an endless maze, exhausting yet fascinating, but I can't think of a more worthwhile subject.

3 || I sometimes (secretly) wish computers didn't exist. I wish I didn't feel the need to check my phone 20 million times a day, or to take my laptop with me when I travel. I wish I spent more time reading actual books than blogs and less time scrolling through Pinterest than flipping pages of magazines. I wish Facebook stalking wasn't a way to "get to know" someone or email an excuse to pass up pen and paper. I wish libraries weren't en route to becoming obsolete as a result of the flowing stream of information that is only a click away. And I wish our generation could be satisfied simply enjoying life's moments without experiencing the nagging urge to document them for the world to see. I secretly wish all of these things, but you'd never know it. I rarely unplug, and I'm guilty of documenting almost everything. But what if computers didn't exist? Somehow, I think life might be fuller.

|| Three Things Thursday is a new series I've decided to start, just as a way to keep me posting more regularly. ||


  1. Coffee on Saturdays is my favorite coffee ritual. If we're home on a Saturday morning and don't have crazy days planned, Austin and I invite friends over for 9 o'clock coffee. Sometimes we'll have up to 6 people, other times just one - munching on breakfast goodies and sipping cappuccinos, catching up on life. It's probably my favorite part of the week. :)

  2. It's been a while since I have kept up with your blog Emily. I'd almost completely forgotten how incredible of a writer you are. If any person had ever asked me if I wanted to live without computers, I would have easily told them the idea of it was repulsive. However, some how you manage to write about this absurd idea in such a way that makes it almost seem appealing to me. I may have to binge read some of your recent posts over the next few days in order to make up for my inattentiveness!!

    1. Haha, thank you, Noah! Your comment is so sweet. And it means a lot, coming from you. :)