The ramblings of an almost college graduate.

This morning called for two shots of espresso in my cappuccino instead of one. My workout for the day was walking to campus and back. I ate oatmeal for dinner...with dark chocolate chips. I plan on being up past midnight working on a final paper for the last English class I'll ever take. (Which, if I'm being honest, is both heartbreaking and exhilarating.) My calendar is full, but my bank account is empty. I shouldn't be wasting time writing a completely pointless blog post; I'd rather be sleeping instead. The job search has been inconclusive thus far, but Europe is looking all the more appealing. I have a meeting to attend in 41 minutes. My eyes hurt from staring at this computer screen. And I'm eagerly counting down the days to December 11th.

Photo taken on Halloween, while laughing at something Kristen said at Kerbey Lane (which pretty much sums up my college experience).


  1. (this is Annie, it's annoying that it won't let me say that in my blog identity)
    I'm so excited for you, Emily! The world has amazing things for you! But until then, I totally understand your oatmeal-for-breakfast, computer-addicted senior-ness. You can do it!!