Six months from now, I may not have an Austin address. In fact, I'm not really planning on it. My list of cities to explore after college are situated far beyond the Lone Star State, from the bustling streets of New York to the foggy skies of London...and perhaps a few places scattered in between. God only knows what January will bring, but I'm desperately trying to soak up all that Texas has to offer in the meantime, just in case I wake up one morning and find myself thousands of miles away.

That's where this incredible bucket list comes in. Pieced together by Texas Monthly writers and editors in 2010, the list consists of sixty-three must-see-and-do things in the great state of Texas, and includes (but is not limited to) stargazing parties, old graveyard tours, high school football games, BBQ dinners, a Willie Nelson concert, and learning the country two-step. How. Brilliant. Is. That. I've already printed it out and posted it to my fridge for easy access.

I don't expect to complete even a small fraction of these things before I graduate, but I'm sure going to try. Plus, having this list hanging over my head (as well as a certain someone who's willing to tackle it with me) will be yet another incentive to return after my adventures elsewhere... Texas is my home, after all. As much as I dream of seeing the world, my heart will always lead me back to these pink and orange sunsets.