...does not stay on Ono Island.

Three things about our recent beach vacay:

1.) Kristen, Marissa, and I went parasailing! While up in the air, we saw a billion sting rays and THREE sharks. Needless to say, we were flipping out. But to be totally truthful, I'm not sure I'd particularly mind dying while doing something fun with my best friends by my side.

2.) On our last night together on the island, all four of us walked out to the water at midnight, accompanied by a full moon and a cool breeze. Little did we know, a very playful dolphin was waiting for us off the side of the dock! Have you ever been splashed by a dolphin in the middle of the night? We have...and it was nothing less than incredible. I'm a little embarrassed to admit that us girls (excluding Matthew, who spotted it first with his flashlight) mistook it for a shark and proceeded to run away screaming as it came swimming toward us at full speed. By the time we realized our mistake, it had turned around and began swimming back into the darkness (making sweet dolphin noises, which was undoubtedly its way of laughing at us). Regardless, it was probably the best five minutes of my life.

3.) This trip, although fun, was way too short. We kayaked in the bay, watched several movies (Wreck-It Ralph and Safe Haven), played tons of card games, drank homemade margaritas, went shopping at the outlet mall, jammed out to Florida State Line's "Cruise," and stuffed our faces with crawfish étouffée...but it all happened too fast. Now separated for the summer, I once again know how it feels to miss these three like crazy. Which tells me that even though this was our first trip as a foursome, it most definitely won't be our last.

P.S. I'm in the process of making a video of our week at Orange Beach, AL. Stay tuned!