To tell you the truth, Dad, I'm convinced that there's nobody in the world who gets me quite like you do. I'm so grateful for our regular breakfast dates and larger-than-life conversations, the way you're constantly teaching me new things and helping me grow as a person. Thank you for all of the years you spent videotaping my dance recitals, entertaining my wildest hopes and dreams, and guiding me in my journey of faith. You've always been my biggest supporter and voice of reason, the one person who can instantly melt away my troubles with a single hug.

I adore your boyish nature, adventurous spirit, and positive outlook on life. I like when we make fun of each other, and how we can't argue without laughing. I love that you chose to call me Emmy before I was even born, despite Mom's insisting that Emily be my "real" name. I get a kick out of the way you try to cheat at Scrabble but let me win when we Indian wrestle. I think it's funny that this blog post will embarrass the heck out of you. And I love that every good memory we share—even those from the early Cinderella stages of my life—seems like ten minutes ago.

Thank you, Daddy, for everything.