London, in real life.


I finally made it, y'all.  The city is even more beautiful than I imagined, more magical than I dreamed it would be.  I still can't even believe I'm here!  So much exploring has yet to be done, but I managed to snap some shots of Westminster Palace, the London Eye, Westminster Abbey, and the Globe Theater (where we saw a production of Henry V) on our first trip to London.  It was a short trip, but I'm already looking forward to the next one...  I can't wait to really dive in.

P.S.  Tonight, the Olympic torch is passing through Oxford!  A group of us are planning to walk over to a nearby pub to catch all of the action.  More photos to come!


  1. I beg you a pardon. Can I have a lighter (please)?

    There you are. (Here you are.)

    Big like. :)


  2. I'm trying SO hard not to be jealous. But I am SUPER happy that you have this opportunity! These pictures are amazing and I can't wait to see and hear more about your experiences! :D