To kick off the summer, Matthew decided that a reunion at his place was absolutely necessary, especially since our parents are all on vacation together in Nashville. Sadly, Kristen wasn't able to make it (on account of her and Kirby's 3-year anniversary!), but Marissa and I both took a break from our busy lives on Saturday to take a short trip up to College Station. (Disney World was another heavily debated option, but as mentioned before, our main money providers happen to be wining and dining in Tennessee. We are poor college kids, after all.)

The three of us started off at Barnes & Noble to catch up over coffee, play with LEGOs, and browse the bookshelves. Matthew ended up buying a copy of The Picture of Dorian Gray, the next novel on the list for his book club. (Yes, Matthew started a book club.  I'm so proud.) After some much needed downtime at his apartment, we settled on BJ's Brewery for dinner—a new tradition, it seems?—where we were pleased to have the entire outside section to ourselves.

Next stop was the video rental store! (We're so '90s.) Matthew selected the movie Catch Me If You Can because our first choice (Patch Adamswasn't available, and neither Matt nor Mar would let me rent a horror flick. (Typical.) But seeing as Leonardo DiCaprio is the main man in our chosen film, I didn't object at all. So naturally, our evening progressed with a movie and popcorn, followed by red wine and a few rounds of two-stepping in Matthew's living room... Which was all I needed to prove my desperate need for more practice in partner dancing. Before calling it a night, the three of us sleepily carried on one last conversation until 3:30am.

You know those days that you wish you could play on repeat? Well, that was yesterday for me... And pretty much every day that I get to spend with these guys. I think it goes without saying, you don't need Disney World to have the time of your life if you've got the people you love close by.