She is different than most, admired by many. Light of heart and humble in spirit, she possesses a delightful demeanor that is hard to forget. It's in the way she walks, carrying herself with conviction and meekness like they're one and the same. The way she dresses for each occasion, selecting pieces that hint at careful consideration of the qualities she wishes to convey. Even in the way she eats her meals, making sure to savor every last bite.

It is evident in her overflowing forgiveness. Her genuine smile and words of kindness, especially when patience seems too big a burden to bear. At times, it's in the conscious decision to hold her tongue and the struggle to keep quiet when gossip abounds. Her willingness to see the good in every little thing.

She has a devotion to truth, a personal commitment to live with integrity. Her external endeavors prove to be an honest representation of her thoughts and beliefs. She appreciates all kinds of beauty, but does not know the extent of her own.

Those who sense her joy and feel her love wish above all to view the world through her eyes. Very few people, however, realize that she was not simply born this way. On the contrary, Grace understands fully the meaning of practice.