Friday Eats: Yikes.

My second round of Friday Eats is kind of a disaster.  Not only does every meal look disgusting (though they were actually quite delicious), but the photo quality is pretty horrific.  (Don't let anyone tell you that food photography is not its own art form!)  In fact, I almost didn't post these photos out of embarrassment for my lack of skill, but then I figured what the heck, it's just an experiment...  Based on my weekly trends in nutrition, not photography.  Next Friday, however, I'll try to make my food look a little more appealing and I'll make sure to use my D5000 instead of this cruddy CoolPix camera.

Today, I ate:

-- 2% greek yogurt & granola parfait (topped with almond butter, trail mix, ground chia seeds, & cinnamon)
-- (not pictured) coffee with half & half

-- spinach salad with avocado, roasted red pepper hummus, carrots, cucumber, deli sliced chicken breast, & a wee bit of olive oil
-- sparkling water with a hint of lime

//midday snack//
-- peanut butter & jelly larabar

-- wheat pasta with tomato sauce & (leftover) avocado

-- 85% dark chocolate & fresh strawberries

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  1. This all looks delicious!
    And what a great idea for dessert.


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