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Brushing up on Austen.

I was watching this stunning movie (one of my favorites) a few nights ago—after I finished reading Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice for the first time in years—when I came to two very important conclusions:
1.)  Regardless of its bad rep, the 2005 film adaptation of P&P is absolutely sensational...  And may even be my preference over this one.  (However, to be fair, I've only seen half of the 1995 series.  Must remember to finish it!)
2.)  No matter what story we're talking about, reading the novel before watching the movie is always the best way to go.  (That is, if you're going to do both, which I personally believe makes for a better overall experience.  Sometimes you might be surprised by which version you enjoy more.)

Now, on to Sense and Sensibility.

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