Friday Eats: Ready, Go.

Now that my Living Sans Sugar experiment is on hiatus, I thought I'd give another nutrition-based series a try.  I am a wannabe nutritionist after all.  (If it weren't for my complete distaste/lack of understanding of science in general, I might actually give it a shot.)  But reading and blogging about nutrition is proving to be good enough for me.

After a little bit of brainstorming, I decided to follow the lead of popular nutrition bloggers (like Megan) and hop on the "What I'm Eating" wagon.  Since I don't consider myself an actual nutrition blogger, however, I'm only going to be recording my meals once a week, just for funsies...  And since today is Friday, "Friday Eats" will be the official title of the series.  Original, eh?

Not only will this give me a chance to take a good hard look at the different foods that I'm consuming, it will also allow me to practice my food photography skills (which are severely lacking, by the looks of the following photos).  Plus, given that Friday is the first day of the weekend and therefore more interesting than the ordinary workdays (during which I typically eat the same things), the foods recorded here are sure to vary from week to week.

So, without further ado, today's eats include:

-- cashew butter & banana on whole wheat bread, topped with cinnamon
-- (not pictured) a cup of nonfat milk
-- strong coffee with a hint of half & half

 -- chicken pasta with zucchini & squash, Wednesday night's leftovers

//midday snack//
 -- buttered popcorn & chocolate candy (shared with Kristen) for movie munching

-- stuffed crust pizza (from Pizza Hut) & spring salad topped with Caesar Parmigiano yogurt dressing

Obviously, I didn't make the healthiest choices today—notice the popcorn, candy, and pizza—but I was able to get two workouts in this morning, one before breakfast and another after class!  (That almost never happens.)  Besides, like I said, Fridays are always kind of unpredictable when it comes to my meals.  I pretty much let myself have whatever I'm in the mood for, considering the naturally occurring build-up of stress that accumulates from Monday through Thursday.  Mmm, pizza.  The perfect food for unwinding.  (In case you're wondering, I did go back for a second slice.  CANNOT RESIST STUFFED CRUST.)

Overall though, I think I did pretty well with moderation today.  And by that I mean, I'm not about to go to bed feeling stuffed or guilty, which is usually the case after I've indulged.  So I must be doing something right! 

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