I've been asked by some of you to explain why I chose Snapshots & Snowglobes as my new blog name. Well, after weeks of letting it sit and collect dust, I'm finally providing a brief explanation.

When I say that it took me a while to discover Wishful Thinking's new name, I'm talking about months and months of writing down pretty words and striking phrases that I found in books, song lyrics, my favorite poems, and even soap wrappers. (Not kidding.) But I just couldn't find the perfect title—that wasn't already taken by another blogger—to sum up this personal space of mine. And then, one evening in December, when I was leisurely surfing the web, the phrase just kind of came to me.

The meaning is actually very simple. Too simple, almost. Why snapshots? I take and collect photos of every single person, thing, and event in my life. It started out as a kind of annoying habit, progressed into a hobby, and is now my college major. So, in a way, I guess you could say photography plays a big part in my life (even if I am just an amateur). It's passion of mine, no less. Okay, and snowglobes? Ever since I was little, I've collected all sorts of pretty glass spheres from the different places that I've traveled, as well as the ones I've received as gifts. I have snowglobes from places like New York, Disney World, and Gulf Shores, but my favorite is The Little Mermaid one that I received from my mom a couple years back. These are my collections, my most prized possessions, the things that still make me giddy every time I get to add to my stashes. By the time I'm old and grey, I want to have millions of snapshots and hundreds of snowglobes saved up from over the years.

Therefore, I introduce to you Snapshots and Snowglobes, a collection of my thoughts.

I realize that the name as a whole is quite random. And maybe a tad bit corny. But it's also unique to me, and I like it for that reason. Besides, you have to admit that it's a little catchy, no?

Photo by N.