Catching my eye...

A la Pinterest:

|| 1. Queen of the Woods Crown || 
|| 2. Fjord Norway by Peter Adams || 3. floral backpacks ||
|| 4. Prince Philip & Queen Elizabeth collage ||
|| 5. the cropped skinny jean in apricot || 6. puppy love ||
|| 7. beautiful centerpiece from Style Me Pretty ||
|| 8. tea illustration, artist unknown || 9. a little bit of truth from book of quote ||


  1. Referring to the first picture, you would totally rock that look or a similar one, at your own wedding some day. :)

    and I see that picture of the prince and the queen all over the place but never get tired of how precious it is!

    and I love those kinds of dogs! I would want one, but I'd prefer to rescue a dog from a shelter where I'm not likely to find that breed, AND that breed is really expensive.


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