Bucket List #50: Hang out in a graveyard.

After my class let out on Friday afternoon, I grabbed a soy cappuccino from Starbucks and headed to the east side of Austin with a few blankets, Water For Elephants (the abandoned novel that I've finally picked back up), and my digital camera in tow. The weather was wonderful: just cool enough for a stroll around the sunlit cemetery, yet warm enough to appreciate a light breeze. With the whole weekend ahead of me and not much to worry about, I was overjoyed to spend a few tranquil hours reading my book, snapping photos, and talking to God sans distraction. It was one of the most peaceful places I've ever visited—in fact, the only sounds to be heard came from the singing birds and the crunching of leaves beneath my feet as I ventured throughout the green and brown maze. Surprisingly, I seemed to be the only (living) person there. And even though I didn't spot any ghosts, the whole experience was perfect for a beautiful day in mid-October.

Would you ever roam around a graveyard just for fun? Or am I alone in this silly fascination with them?


  1. Graveyards freak me out, and i dont know that i could actually spend then night in one unless i was with a few actually ALOT of people, but come to think of it, i am a thrill seeker and that sounds like alot of fun !!

  2. Logically thinking, I wouldn't, and also it doesn't seem reasonable to be freaked out... Though I have a feeling that if I went at night to a graveyard where I didn't know any of the people buried there, or went to one randomly, I'd be scared.

  3. So this month, I found out that November is the month dedicated to praying for souls in purgatory, and just a bit ago I learned that there is an indulgence for praying for the souls in purgatory.
    (And there's even a cemetery right next to where I live, though it's locked off. I'm going to see if I can get in or call them..)


  4. @Wayne Wang
    ooh, that sounds awesome! perfect timing, too. :)