October, my favorite of the twelve months. Have I mentioned that I adore this time of year? Magic is manifested in its crisp autumn leaves, sweet pumpkin scents, and ghostly legends of old. There's something about this month that is truly special. Even when life seems to be traveling faster than the speed of light, October has the power to create a momentary stillness within all of the chaos.  

Cold metal benches on afternoon strolls. Black cats and jack-o'-lantern packed porches. The whispering of wind through the trees. Childhood memories and silent reveries. A warm mug of coffee at dawn. Eerie graveyards and a red Harvest Moon.

These thirty-one glorious days are dedicated to remembering the brave women who fought a hard battle, and encouraging those who continue to fight. It is the perfect time to buy tart apple cider by the gallon, celebrate the people who inspire us, and pray for hope where none can be found. Attend football games in oversize sweaters, light a bonfire and roast marshmallows until your tummy's content. 'Tis the season for dreamers to make themselves fly and lovers to let themselves fall. October is the promise of certain familiar feelings that comfort a lonely heart, the foreshadowing of stressful weeks followed by many well-deserved breaks, and a testament to the compelling inner workings of our imaginations. It is so many adjectives, a whirlwind of contrast: strange and beautiful, mysterious and lighthearted, dark and colorful. Orange, red, yellow, brown.

October is all of these things and more. But most of all, October simply feels like home.