Success! My Halloween costume is all finished and ready to go for a party that I'm attending on the 29th. Not gonna lie, I'm pretty impressed with myself for preparing so early in the month—the older I get, the lazier I am when it comes to Halloween costuming.

I know what you're thinking. I must not be a true Halloween fan if I don't just love all of the mind-numbing shopping, expensive accessories, and endless hours spent piecing together fabric to produce something original that will be worn for one night only. Right? But I do enjoy all of that! Well, sort of... In, you know, small doses that are few and far between. Seriously though, as much fun as it is to become someone else for a day, the whole process of creating a character is kind of my least favorite part about the spine-tingling holiday. Especially since I don't really have a creative bone in my body. Rather, it's all of the simple stuff—the black and orange decorations, the scary movies, the ghost stories, and the haunted houses—that I tend to revel in come October. Heck, I could spend the 31st at home in my pajamas eating Candy Corn and watching Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel and still be completely overjoyed. All Hallows' Eve is about appreciating the small things, people.)

But I digress. The particular look I'm going for was rather simple to create, and with the help of my mother (who is an expert at bargain shopping) I was able to find most of it at Goodwill. Score! Instead of immediately giving away my secret, however, I'm curious to see if anyone can guess which spooky character I'm going to be dressing up as. My five clues should make it pretty obvious. But bonus points if you can guess after the first or second!

This character...
1.) can be seen in an old black-and-white television series and a few movie remakes (of which I'm more familiar).
2.) has a pale complexion, long dark braids, and a grim expression glued to her face.
3.) owns a headless Marie Antoinette doll and adores her pet black widow spider, Homer.
4.) was named after a line from this poem.
5.) comes from a family so kooky that they have their own theme song.  Duh-duh-duh-dum. Snap, snap.

You've got it now, I'm sure. Either way, the answer will be revealed tomorrow!