While Kristen was adventuring in Denver this weekend, I headed to College Station on Saturday to visit these two amazing kids. The only two things on the agenda? Eating and talking. Which, of course, was fine by us—there was a lot of catching up to do, after all. So naturally, we floated from Cheddar's Casual Cafe for lunch to Sweet Eugene's House of Java for coffee and then to BJ's Brewery for dinner, all the while reminiscing about the old days and sharing the stories of our current lives. To end the evening, Matthew dragged us kicking and screaming to the first Midnight Yell of the season, which was quite an (awful) experience. Okay, I might be exaggerating just a tad. Marissa and I actually had a lot of fun witnessing Mateo in his natural element and pretending to sing along to the anti-UT war hymn. (I think they're a little bit obsessed with my school.) Who knew that a Baylor Bear, an A&M Aggie, and a Texas Longhorn could be such great amigos?

Even though we can all agree that one measly day flies by way too fast for such a reunion, any time that we get to spend together is irreplaceable as far as happiness goes. If you didn't already know, they're kind of the loves of my life.