I prefer chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream over white cake and chocolate ice cream. I'm a slower reader than I thought. Summer is my least favorite season. My wedding will probably be teeny tiny, and that's perfectly fine with me. Charlotte Bronte's literature might just be more suited to my taste than that of Jane Austen. Losing someone I love was just as painful as I always imagined it would be, but surprisingly much more beautiful. I wear t-shirts and sweatpants way too often. Moderation is one of life's hardest lessons. Never again will I order the regular roasted coffee from Starbucks. Pearls are prettier than diamonds. Lifehouse seems to know the inner workings of my soul. I tend to ask too many questions at the wrong time and not enough when it is encouraged. The sacrament of Reconciliation is truly liberating. I used to watch what I ate for superficial reasons; now, it's all about my health. As far as controversial punctuation goes, the Oxford Comma makes perfect sense. The man that has caught my eye will most likely never get to know me, but I'm not ready to let that silly dream go just yet. Tangled > The Princess and the Frog. Most of the time, love equals sacrifice. My desire to live in England is becoming stronger every day. I hate running with a passion, and I probably always will. Cream Soda is happiness in a bottle. I wish I was more of a sports fan, perhaps for my family's sake. The most old-fashioned names are my favorites. I'd be very lucky to work full-time for a bridal magazine after college. While not the easiest, honesty really is the best policy when it comes to feelings and opinions. I have a lot of growing up to do. I'm actually not very good with words; in fact, writing is somewhat of a chore for me. Photography, however, will always be the art that I love.

But enough about me. Tell me something new/random about you.