Rosa Clara.

Working for a bridal magazine, I get to browse through a lot of pretty wedding photography on a daily basis.  Churches, cakes, reception halls, flowers -- I call it major eye candy.  But, I have to say, my favorite photos are the ones with the brides all dressed up in their wedding gowns.  Whether long or short, silk or chiffon, embellished or simple, each breathtakingly beautiful design has the power to make a girl (like myself) swoon with delight.
Although I've seen quite a number of lovely dresses, I can't say that any of them have amazed me as much as Rosa Clara's gorgeous designs do.  I'm talking about a gasp-in-girly-giddiness kind of reaction that escapes me whenever I lay my eyes on her unique creations.  Can you blame me?  I mean, really.  They are in no way short of perfect.  Personally, I think it's the bundles of lace that she uses!  (I'm sort of in love with the stuff.)  My first two choices, called Electra and Reus, are shown above.  If you are in the mood for a little bit more online "window shopping," Miss Rosa's entire collection can be found here.  But consider yourself forewarned -- once you start perusing, it's incredibly difficult to stop...


  1. You are going to be so useful come wedding planning time : )

  2. ahhh, i'd LOVE to help! whatever you need!