A brief play-by-play of my weekend.

1. Dinner on Friday night with the parents at Barnaby's Cafe. (I ordered the guacamole cheeseburger with sweet potato fries and just about died from happiness when I took my first bite. Talk about YUMMY.)
2. The grand opening of Melina Cristina ~ Bridal Couture in River Oaks, where I snapped a few photos of the gorgeous gowns and interviewed the lovely designer herself. Melina is as kindhearted as her custom-made wedding dresses are stunning!
3. Saturday night out on the town with my besties—a bite to eat at Hard Rock Cafe, a TUTS performance of the new musical Rock of Ages, and a midnight joyride around the city that resulted from our getting lost on the way to The Chocolate Bar. (We might have started panicking just a little when we somehow ended up in a very shady neighborhood in North Houston. I'm still kicking myself for not taking a picture of this crazy experience.) Unfortunately, we never made it to the beloved candy store... But that didn't stop us from eating half a carton of Oreo cookies when we got home.
4. Sunday evening meal: chicken salad on croissant bread, tomato basil soup, and pasta salad from the delicious La Madeleine, one of my longtime favorite restaurants. (Half of this post is about food. Should that tell me something...?)
5. Relaxing at Barnes & Noble with the girls while flipping through an endless array of wedding magazines. This inevitably led to...
6. An impromptu marriage proposal by Yours Truly. Well, folks, it looks like I'm engaged. (We're never too old to be silly.)

I hope that your weekend was also fabulous!