A list of books that I'm dying to read.

If you've taken a few peeks at my "Library" tab throughout 2011, you'd know that I haven't updated what "I'm currently reading" in a really long while.  Since January, to be exact. And the reason for my abandonment of this aforementioned area in my blog is that, after all of this time, I still have yet to finish Sarah Palin's new book that I was given for Christmas. It's been 4 months, people. FOUR. (I'm more than just a little ashamed to admit this.) But, seriously, have you tried reading a novel for fun as an English major in college? It's hard. And only possible for folks who read 24/7. (I, for one, wish that I did.)  To be perfectly honest though, I couldn't even find the motivation to get through all of my assigned readings this past semester. And every time I picked up Palin's book with my hopes set on some light reading, I would immediately begin to feel guilty about the Shakespeare play or Government chapter that continued to sit on my bookshelf untouched.

College can be sort of annoying, in that way...  But alas, the 2010-2011 academic year is finito (as of Wednesday night at 8:05pm), and the first thing I couldn't wait to do when I got settled in Houston this week was to once again begin reading wonderfully romantic/suspenseful/witty fiction novels to my heart's content (after gliding through the last few chapters of America By Heart, obviously.) Now here I am, miles away from the University of Texas, with absolutely no assignments to worry about and all of the time in the world to read whatever strikes my fancy. I almost feel like a pre-teen again! (Just another reason why summer is all sorts of amazing.)

And the best news is that there is a Books-A-Million right down the street from the apartment. (Score!) So, whenever I can get my hands on them, my top picks for the next few months are:

Have you read any of these novels? If so, what did you think of them? And, if you have any other books in mind, I'm always taking recommendations!