1.) I wish for freedom. Freedom from unnecessary fears and doubts that keep me from becoming the woman I was created to be. I wish for the confidence to live my life with conviction, the courage to love without limits, and the determination to make a difference in this world. I wish for the fortitude to work hard, embrace suffering, and submit to God's will unconditionally.
2.) I wish that the certain man on my mind, of whom I've known of for quite some time, could know the wonder in my heart I hold for him by simply looking into my eyes. Rather than having to rely on a mess of ambiguous words, I wish that all it took was a single glance for him to recognize the pure admiration that my soul has for his. It's a fondness of sorts, a deep respect of the person that I understand him to be. I want him to accept my unspoken honesty with appreciation, as strange or sudden as it might seem (and I selfishly hope to someday be the object of his thoughts as well). But even greater than this, I wish him a life full of love and happiness, whether I'm a part of it or not.
3.) I wish that I was in Rayne right now. I can't wait to have coffee with my grandparents, reminisce with my Godmother, and laugh with my cousins. I wish that our Easter celebration would last longer than a weekend, and I wish that Lance could come home to share it with us.