My favorite names.

Have I mentioned that I'm obsessed with names? (I'm slowly but surely accepting the fact that my life is one giant mess of strange fascinations.) Well, strangely enough, I have a ton of favorites that I've "collected" and kept track of over the years. Whenever I discover a new name that I like, I can't help but look up the meaning and origin on BabyNames(dot)com, one of my regularly visited websites. (If you know me at all, this is probably not surprising in the least.) Anyway, here is my most current list of lovely names:

1.) Isabelle/Isabel Rose
Inspiration/Reason: St. Rose of Lima (named Isabel at birth but later given the name Rose because of her captivating appearance) was my confirmation saint. Her incredible story has always inspired me.
Meaning: "God Is My Oath"
Origin: French/Spanish

2.) Jude
Inspiration/Reason: St. Jude Thaddaeus, the patron saint of hopeless causes, is another special someone that I rely on as a guide in my faith journey. Plus, my favorite Beatles song is none other than "Hey Jude."
Meaning: "From Judaea" (Kind of a lame meaning, but I can overlook that.)
Origin: English

3.) Olivia
Inspiration/Reason: I'm not really sure how I came to like this one. I just think it's pretty.
Meaning: "Elf Army" (Uh, awesome.)
Origin: English

4.) Henry
Inspiration/Reason: Henry David Thoreau was an American author and philosopher that I adore. Read some of his quotes, and you'll see why.
Meaning: "Ruler Of The Home"
Origin: German

5.) Elise
Inspiration/Reason: Elise McKenna is an angelic character from my mom's favorite movie, Somewhere In TimeAnd who can forget Beethoven's classic piece, "Für Elise"? So beautiful.
Meaning: "God Is My Oath" (Again!)
Origin: French

6.) Ryan
Inspiration/Reason: This is my best friend's middle name, but it first caught my attention when I fell head-over-heels for Ryan Atwood, a character from The O.C. (I can't believe that I'm admitting this.) The name itself is simple yet classic. And I like the feminine form (which is pronounced the same), because it's kind of different. Also, it reminds me of Rayne, a small town that has a big place in my heart.
Meaning: "King" or "Royalty"
Origin: Irish

In a couple months, I'm sure that most of these will change. Until then, feel free to share your personal favorites with me! (Like I said, this stuff makes me happy.)

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  1. I love the names Amelia, Eleanor,and Ava. So antiquated. So beautiful!

  2. ...I love you SO much for this.

    I don't have a fasincation like you do, but I feel like every 4-6 months or so (really, it's almost a scheduled thing) I just decide to look through names and pick what I like and what I might like to name my future children someday.

    I LOVE the name Aubrey! I had a small group leader at church freshman year named Aubrey, and she was AMAZING and I had never heard that name before - I had heard of AuDrey, with a d, not a b, but I think this is much prettier!
    (Apparently it's English and means Noble Ruler? hah.)
    ...unfortunately, Aaron does not like this name at all. :(

    I have a list of like, 20 other favorites... which I will now look up all of them on that website now and waste lots of time, thanks to you! :P

  3. Oh - also, a lot of the names I like are music related!
    I love the name Cadence - for a boy OR girl! Boy could be shortened to Cade, and girl to Cady, like off Mean Girls. :)
    But yeah, Cadence, Aria (how pretty is that??), Melody, ...or Coda, but I think that's more suited to a pet, which I can't use then, because Aaron and I are naming all of our pets after Pokemon...

  4. I love the name Olivia! Name meanings are always really interesting, I love looking them up

  5. If the meaning of Elise is "form of Elisa," that means it has the same meaning as Elisa. I looked it up on and Elisa apparently also means "God is my oath." So not a lame meaning at all!