Spring cleaning?

As you can see, changes are being made to simplify and declutter the creative space -- I can't deal with clutter -- and to add a more organized feel to the blog.  I'm also working with different styles/fonts/headers to pretty it up a bit.  You know how it goes.  Feel free to share with me what you do or don't like about the new layout & formatting.  I would love the feedback!



  1. Cleaning up is always good!

    And this is the ONE thing I like Blogger for better than Wordpress, is that customization. You have so many more options with Blogger.

  2. Yea Blogger is nice with that. It's too bad Wordpress doesn't have free CSS editing.

    do you do the "[Image found here.]" by yourself?

  3. yeah, i try to give the source for each photo that i find on the internet.


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