Ever since the beginning of March, I feel like the weeks have been coming and going at full speed, as if spring itself has become impatient for the summertime. I really can't believe that we're already in mid-April; Lent is three-fourths of the way over (it feels like it just begun!), Easter is right around the corner, and my first year of college is almost a wrap. Seriously, where did the time go?  

Pretty soon (in about a month or so), dorm-room living will be history, and I will be gearing up for my last summer in Houston with my parents. Hopefully by this time, I will have registered for a short semester at UH and have a job pinned down for the summer (still working on it). I'm actually looking forward to being able to make a few bucks while at the same time getting 3 hours of coursework out of the way for next fall. Not too much of a workload, but just enough to keep me productive for three whole months at home. Plus, the first week of June is sure to be quite busy, with a close friend's wedding in College Station and my cousin's wedding in Colorado back-to-back. (Not only do I adore weddings, but I have a feeling that these are going to be the best darn ones I've ever been to. And all in the same week! Bliss.)

Before summer sneaks up on me, however, I plan on spending a couple of my free weekends partying it up with family and friends, most of which I haven't seen since Winter Break. On the agenda for this one? A visit to Aggieland (I feel as if I mention this place a lot...) to reminisce with my girls Katie, Marissa, and Shelby. We haven't had a reunion since October! I'm definitely looking forward to more of this:
Bring on the girl talk!