Films of choice.

A list of my top 5 favorite films.

Oh, goodness.  This is a little embarrassing...


  1. Only #5 should be embarrassing. The rest are perfectly acceptable. In fact, your #4 is my #1. :D

  2. Um, yes. I am very proud of the change in #5. Ever After is also a good choice.

    Notebook. Ugh. Vomit. :P

  3. haha really? I feel like my friends are about 50/50 in liking/hating The Notebook.

    Truthfully my opinion IS entirely based on the film - I have not read the book.
    and truthfully again, at least in part I hate it BECAUSE so many people love it. I'm like, half hipster. haha.

    But really, it's just over done cheesy romance. I mean, I like SOME of that stuff, but it just seems over the top in that one.
    And I think I'm bitter BECAUSE so many people praise it, I went into watching it with high expectations that were not even close to being met. So now I'm just angry. Grr! haha.

  4. haha, not lame at all. I think a lot of my film opinions are colored by memories of the first time I watched them. absolutely nothing wrong with that. :) Also, I feel there are few movies that you can watch over and over again... in fact, I can't think of any right away...

    Also also, I think our blog comment conversation is further proof that we need to hang out again soon. Just sayin'. :D