Spring Break [spring breyk]

1.)  a brief period within the month of March that is available to those who work long days and nights (without pay) to complete their education, specifically for relaxation and rejuvenation purposes  2.)  a little glimpse of heaven

I sort of have a love-hate relationship with Spring Break. On one hand, it truly is a much-needed week of uninterrupted bliss. On the other, it gives you a little taste of *summertime, complete with beautiful weather and lazy days, until it violently yanks every ounce of freedom from your grasp just as you're starting to enjoy it. Unlike the Winter Break, which lasts from two weeks to a whole month (depending on what school you attend), students usually return in January completely refreshed and ready for a new semester. But this is different. Seven days is simply not enough time for adequate rest and relaxation—it is the second day of the first week back, and my mind is still on vacation. There is work to be done, yet my motivation is lacking. Honestly, after a week like that, I'm not surprised. During the break, my family (minus Lance) left the busy city and took a little trip to Fredericksburg, where we rented a cabin for a few carefree days of nothing but sunshine, shopping, long conversations, and delicious food. But sadly, it was cut short like every Spring Break always is, and now where am I...? Back in my dorm, with three papers due within the next few days, and assigned readings already piling up. Oh, March. You're such a tease.

*I'm not exactly planning on having a relaxing summer, either. I'm going to be taking an English class at UH, and I will hopefully have a job downtown as well. Know of any writing/photography job or internship positions available in the Houston area? I would appreciate some tips!