1. Spring Break is here, and I can finally breathe again! Ladies and gentleman, freedom is a wonderful thing. For one whole week, I am not only allowed but encouraged to sleep for more than six hours a night, read books that aren't about natural selection and political parties, reminisce with my family, watch A Walk to Remember and The Notebook as many times as I want, and write endlessly in my journal. That's what my idea of freedom entails.

2. Ash Wednesday, one of my favorite days of the year (for reasons I can't really explain), came and went faster than I could completely think through my hopes and goals for the next six weeks. We are now three days into our Lenten journey—a time for ridding our lives of the worldly distractions that keep us from getting to know Jesus Christ on a deeper level—and I've managed to come up with a few personal things that I will be trying to work at, all of which involve embracing simplicity and taking up my cross daily. (And yes, just in case you're wondering, I'm one of the many people who is giving up Facebook. What can I say? Lent has no time for petty addictions.)

3. On a much lighter note, I recently saw Tangled for the second time. And guess what: It was just as good (or maybe even better) than the first. In all seriousness, SEE IT NOW. It will speak to the inner depths of your heart and make you see life in a whole new way. (Okay, I'm being a tad bit dramatic. But for real, it's fantastic.) Plus, Shelby and I stopped by CVS beforehand to buy two bags of candy (Swedish Fish and Reese's Minis) to split during the show, which made the whole experience even more pleasant.

4. I've had a lot of stuff on my heart lately. Decisions to make, people to pray for (and about), future plans to think about and discuss. And even though my weekend in Sommerville definitely helped me sort through most of my thoughts, I still feel as though they are weighing me down a bit. Which is why my resolution for this week is to give it all up to God, in faith that He will provide me with the answers that I'm seeking. But as always, prayers would be very much appreciated.

5. Lastly, I must tell you of the "big news" that has yet to make it onto this here blog of mine. Some of you might already know of this announcement (from Facebook, no less), but here it is anyway: I've recently joined a student organization at UT called MAG. (Not quite the important part.) It's basically a club for those interested in magazine journalism. (I'm getting to the point...) Well, at our first meeting a few weeks ago, I signed up to write a story that will (hopefully) be published in a collection of newsletters called The Forty Acres of Fun, which will be made into book form and put on sale by the University Co-op. However, the term "story" is used lightly here, as it is basically just a 500 to 1000 word essay about the historical and cultural significance of the Renaissance Market Mural on Guadalupe. But, if it is among the stories chosen to be published, I will earn $75 for my contribution, a byline in the book, and experience to add to my resume! Not bad, eh?

Well, that's all I've got for today... Aren't you glad I'm done rambling? Besides, I'm thinking that a nap sounds pretty good right now. And lucky me, I won't have to feel guilty about this one. Happy Spring Break, y'all!